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Homestuck Fan Babblings.

Before my inbox at various places is flooded with 'THE THING IS CANON!!!'.

I already know! I don't know if it was intentional or just a coincidence, but the fact the flashing cop eyes made it into the actual comic must made me flip out. I did not know such a silly just-for-fun cop comics would explode like that.

It started with fan fics being written, art being drawn, eventually people put together a RP group about it. And I'm being told there is a radio play based off it. On Christmas eve I had to make a thread for it on the official MSPA forums for it.

I. Am. Just. FLOORED. I don't know what to even say to all this. It's the fans that are making this whole experience freaking fantastic.

I Craft AND Mine!

I've gone through at least 3-4 maps since I bought Minecraft. Figured I'd take screen shots of my current one. Keep in mind I'm not spectacular at this thing and I've not done anything fantastic like water slides or rollercoasters.

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That's about it. I've got mining areas dotted all over the place for when I feel like hunting diamonds. This world is 100% legit. I do not use any sort of inventory mod on this world 'cause that's plain cheatin'. I have another world for that sorta thing.

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